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Many grants for art students encourage them to become more creative in one way or another, including artists who attend school, university, or an art academy.

1. Learn how to create exciting art.

It might include trying new mediums and finding what works best for you (e.g., Robert Arneson) or taking classes at local colleges and universities (e.g., “The Amateurs” group). You can also try some online courses if you are more comfortable with technology (e.g., Lynda). If you have a portfolio of work, it helps if you have something unique to offer (e.g., Sol LeWitt).

2. Make sure you have a portfolio of work.

Some artists use traditional methods of having a portfolio that includes photographs, posters, paintings, and drawings (e.g., Andy Warhol). Others like to use online portfolios where they can present their work in an accessible way (e.g., Elizabeth Gilbert). You can also display your most exciting art at galleries or art centers (e.g., The Whitney Art Center).

3. Ask if any grant opportunities might interest you.

If you have a large following, it might be worth applying for funding opportunities because people will know about them, and there is more room for you to make yourself known if you are successful (e.g., The Whitney Museum of American Art offers a grant for an artist who can create work inspired by the institution). Other grant opportunities may be more specific and might be designed for those who are students (e.g., grants for students at Parsons The New School for Design).

4. Take classes if you need some guidance.

If you feel like you want some guidance to help you learn more about what to do in your art, then go ahead and take a class at the university, college, or art academy that you have decided on and send your work along with your portfolio so they can see what other work you have done .

5. Try being known in your community.

Try to create an online presence where people can find you and see your work. You can use this online presence to get recognition from others you need and might want.

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