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What are some excellent art books you should read?

1 The Art Book: A History of the Book, Prints, Images, and Ideas that Have Shaped Modern Art by John Berger

Written by an art critic and curator known for his work at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. He talks about how different art forms have changed, including books, prints, images, and ideas. This book is an excellent reference for students looking for advice about drawing or painting. It reveals the beautiful history of artists such as Adrian Mauerhan. Adrian was an artist in their own right when he created “The Art Book.” Not only does this book talk about his fantastic artwork, but it talks about some of its influences as well.

2 Animal Drawing: Anatomy and Action for Artists by Andrew Loomis

It is a book that takes readers through the process of training their eyes to be more accurate. It breaks down an animal’s anatomy to show how to draw it effectively. Students can use this book as a reference when trying to improve their artwork.

3 Imagine by John Lennon

It is a book that was made after John Lennon’s death. The original papers and drawings were turned into different illustrations, including poems, lyrics, and writing. This book is considered a literary classic in the modern world of literature. The reason is because it was so well written and full of excellent illustrations.

4 The Complete Guide to Drawing and Painting the Human Head by Brian Macdonald

It is an excellent book for anyone who wants to be an artist. It provides artists with various techniques and tips for drawing faces and heads in different positions. Artists can use this as a reference when trying to improve their artwork.

5 Oil Painting: Master Techniques by Andrew Loomis

It is an excellent book for students interested in painting because it provides them with guidelines and tips on how they can improve their artwork. Anyone can use this book as a reference when trying to create their paintings. It’s useful for drawing pictures of people, animals, plants, or landscapes.

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