How to support the arts

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1. Get to know the artists

Sometimes, you might not be able to see the finished work before it is done, but you can see their process and see how they are involved in bringing it to life. Often, that is very valuable to watch and can give you a good perspective on where the art is headed. Many artists donate their time and expertise to make the art into a finished piece. They often do this for free so that their name will appear on the piece or that they want to support the artist (e.g., an instructor at RISD was doing a series of lectures for years about abstract expressionism. and His assistant became an artist, and still does events and lectures around this topic).

2. Art Contests

Sometimes, you can enter a contest to vote for a particular piece of art or see who can draw something the best. It can be an excellent way to encourage creativity and add fun to art. Painting competitions are often televised during prime time on weekends (e.g., “Your Paintings”). It is an excellent way to encourage students and anyone interested in painting to get involved in the arts and learn more about it. By watching this, more people are encouraged to join the competition, which means more money for artists (e.g., RISD has numerous opportunities for people who want additional education or scholarships).

3. Buy paintings, prints, or sculptures

One of the best ways to show the appreciation of art and the artists is to purchase their work, whether buying a painting, photograph of their work, or even their sculpture. It can be an opportunity for you to support an artist and enjoy some beautiful art on your walls.

4. Volunteer at an art museum

Do you have some free time? Why not volunteer at a local art museum. You would be responsible for cleaning and organizing for a few hours weekly. One can do it in exchange for free admission and a small stipend (e.g., Art Institute of Chicago).
There are also many organizations, galleries, and groups that are formed around specific artists. For example, you can create a group or club for fans of the artist and invite them to meet together. For example, “The Amateurs” meet at their local coffee shop to discuss their love for Andy Warhol’s art. Or create an art club where you discuss ideas with other people about the arts. Art teachers often recommend this if you are looking for more support in creating your work.

Artists who respect their fans and abide by their wishes on social media have gained greater recognition than those who openly deny or disrespect them.

5. Share your opinions on social media

If you see an artist doing something new or exciting, feel free to give them support and encouragement. You can do this by liking their work or sharing it with everyone else (e.g., “Along the Shore” by Anna Atkins). Artists also appreciate having their work seen on a platform like Instagram, where they can gain recognition and more followers (e.g., painter Aimee Molloy). You might even find that other people appreciate the same artists you do. Therefore you can create a discussion in the comment section of a post about this.

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